Where? What? Who? When? Why? and How?

9 04 2010

Had  a breakthrough idea maybe I can represent these roads etc by using a fractualized 3d representation mapping system, it certainly is an interesting concept. One of the major problems is deciding before hand i.e. planning the content of the system and maintaining an accurate and correct model of an exceptional personality type! What goes where? how much is that effected by this? what will that mean if I do that? which of course leaves when shall I do it!

Done and Dusted

7 04 2010

Experimented with colourizing some of the illustrations, fractulizing and offsetting the colour infill, also did some negative and curve inversions, manipulations. Michael has ignored what we agreed to do and has gone off and duplicated work already done, we was supposed to be working to a common goal and a single solution offering it up as our effort in the presentation. If he’d mentioned his ideas fine! Passive aggression! in the words of Alan Sugar: ‘Michael your fired!’.

2 04 2010

Going back to mapping systems as a final outcome for my representational system offering a solution to exceptional personality. The map will indicate the various aspects, theories, important people etc as roads avenues etc the map will be partially laid out i.e. partially folded where the peak of the fold is nearest to the eye the image will be foreshortened and the valley fold will be exaggerated and enlarged. The intention then is to have this in a display box.


26 03 2010

Looking at jungian personality types which can be broadly described as type A, b, and C etc Buzzle.com seems to be a excellent site with an exhaustive amount written about these and various other theories. this is going to keep me busy for a while!

Continuation of Done and dusted

24 03 2010

Started looking at aspects of colour theory. Had a meeting with Michael and Charlotte to decide what avenues we were going to pursue, we all agreed upon a course of action dividing the work up amongst us. Worked up a page sample for a mock catalogue profile. Decided on creating illustrations of various aspects of each course equipment used by that module. Came up with some good ideas.

Which reality is real?

19 03 2010

I’m an old avid fan of the radio series The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy so when I came across this piece about the total perspective vortex by Christopher Putnam and it being about reality it was right up my street! Zaphod Beeblebox one of the main characters in the program and book etc came to himself in a dream and told himself he had to go and see a man called Zarniwoop who would tell him something to his disadvantage, anyway this total perspective vortex extrapolates the whole universe from say a small piece of fairy cake and tells you where you are in relation to the universe, an invisible spot on an invisible spot infinitely small! It is of course intended as reality check and a completely heinous form of torture. Well the article deals with this and says that in reality we do have an exaggerated opinion of ourselves, which is a sign of healthy personality, ironically a dysfunctional personality actually have an amazingly accurate picture of themselves unlike the so-called healthy!

Done and Dusted brief

17 03 2010

Received done and dusted brief today in tony absence, immediately spurred me into pursuing an alternative course looking at an obtuse, unusual and alternative interpretation of the obvious track. Want to keep pressing myself into avenues that will bring out an interesting interpretation, rather than the obvious. Quiet liked the professional aspect of a government special agent who is highly trained and is the ultimate warrior, intelligent, suave and debonair . The other members of my team were not in so I’ve had to come up with a themes and proposals myself (not a problem!).