26 03 2010

Looking at jungian personality types which can be broadly described as type A, b, and C etc seems to be a excellent site with an exhaustive amount written about these and various other theories. this is going to keep me busy for a while!

Which reality is real?

19 03 2010

I’m an old avid fan of the radio series The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy so when I came across this piece about the total perspective vortex by Christopher Putnam and it being about reality it was right up my street! Zaphod Beeblebox one of the main characters in the program and book etc came to himself in a dream and told himself he had to go and see a man called Zarniwoop who would tell him something to his disadvantage, anyway this total perspective vortex extrapolates the whole universe from say a small piece of fairy cake and tells you where you are in relation to the universe, an invisible spot on an invisible spot infinitely small! It is of course intended as reality check and a completely heinous form of torture. Well the article deals with this and says that in reality we do have an exaggerated opinion of ourselves, which is a sign of healthy personality, ironically a dysfunctional personality actually have an amazingly accurate picture of themselves unlike the so-called healthy!

Buddhism’s Mandala’s

12 03 2010

Wanted to move on from Aesop’s fables or instructions for living well, have always considered Buddhism and some of the precepts to have moved in respects of Aesops time from the feet chakra to the chakra that resides higher up in a more enlightend time of today! Who am I kidding! The Buddhist Mandala’s are interesting though it is a spiritual activity that recreates the spiritual realm in a spiritual way, perhaps more eloquently described as being mindful in everything you do, to elaborate when your cleaning a ¬†toilet, clean it like it’s the your best project do it with attention to detail and be thorough! I think this is a good philosophy, for me at least! Reminds me of the contridictory philosophies that are often used in this type of system. For example:

Be certain of everything whilst being certain of nothing!

Nurture versus nature

5 03 2010

Considered making individual resistors, transistors and capacitors in a art installation made at a scale of about 400% or 1:4 ratio to normal size. In considering to create a positive example of exceptional personality it would in the normal sense have to be juxtaposed against an unhealthy personality. However the problem using the circuit board as a metaphor for personality is that it offers up the issue nature versus nurture if a circuit board is essentially flawed it will never work, because it cannot function correctly. This then condemns us to a fate that we have no power over. It is a consideration!

In Aesop’s times as a greek slave who eventually gained his freedom he writes with a wisdom that also reflects the times the inability to be in many respects master of one own’s destiny indeed it seems it was a time when your very life and existence was at the behest of other people. It is probably true to say that it was important to know ones place!

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What is an exceptional person

26 02 2010

To create a mapping system I considered the use of circuit boards and diagrams to map onto them an example of Abraham Maslow’s ‘Self-actualized people’ or what was the subject of the various Timberlawn investigations into exceptionally psychological healthy and well adapted people. Look into Eriksonian Psychology for exceptional traits etc. Big Dave directed me to look at Christo’s art installations, The Reichstag(German Houses of Parliament). Interesting!

Cottage industry

19 02 2010

Crafting industries tend to include impurities into the final products this offers a purifying process to the whole system by virtue of the micro flora and fauna of these systems. Is it possible to stop the influx of people to city removing them from a self-sufficient cottage based system. Expansion of villages allowed specialization to occur i.e. craftsman to specialize in niche skills. Knowledge is a mapping system. Have a look at Joseph Kosuth again and his chair. Ordered Public information films during World War 2 from Library.

Classical Architecture

12 02 2010

Doric, Ionic and Corinthian architecture, and greek philosophy regarding the order of society, education etc. Considering a standing exhibition that what’s on all the senses and in so doing challenging them too!