Large Portfolio

3 07 2010

After sweating tears of blood, here it is!

AKB Portfolio sml

All’s well that end’s well!

14 05 2010

Well that’s it, totally dissatisfied with my achievements distinct lack of them! I’m not going to go into a hand wringing tirade against myself but I’m not happy nevertheless!

7 05 2010

Started work on my map!


30 04 2010

Revisited ink drawing! Spent way to long in outlining a group of students though in illustrator!

Transistorized students

16 04 2010

Decided to go back to a previous idea and explore that a little bit today, students with transistorized infills, took a couple of surruptious pictures of some of my collegues engaged in there work for me to generate a outlined version that would be filled with transistorized infill juxtaposed agaisnt a plain out line of monitor and chair etc. going to use ink with pen and bamboo brush to generate a hand crafted line as computer filtered line in illustrator looks just like that computerized.

Where? What? Who? When? Why? and How?

9 04 2010

Had  a breakthrough idea maybe I can represent these roads etc by using a fractualized 3d representation mapping system, it certainly is an interesting concept. One of the major problems is deciding before hand i.e. planning the content of the system and maintaining an accurate and correct model of an exceptional personality type! What goes where? how much is that effected by this? what will that mean if I do that? which of course leaves when shall I do it!

2 04 2010

Going back to mapping systems as a final outcome for my representational system offering a solution to exceptional personality. The map will indicate the various aspects, theories, important people etc as roads avenues etc the map will be partially laid out i.e. partially folded where the peak of the fold is nearest to the eye the image will be foreshortened and the valley fold will be exaggerated and enlarged. The intention then is to have this in a display box.