3 02 2010

It’s all well and good creating staircases or anything for that matter based on other things as frames of reference but why do keep trying to design out of fresh air, there is an expression it states that nature abhors a vacuum! So why do I keep trying to do it, beating myself up all the time? The Greeks believed that the intelligence of a man was defined by his, one, to take it up the arse and two to be able to recite information and learn by rote!

My staircase illustrations came out very well and will serve my purposes well as an outline for my text performing as a physical restraint against which the text will flow and then be displayed on the reverse of the paper as images.

Background images

27 01 2010

I experimented today with inserting a watermarked style background on to my final sheets. I used seats of power i.e. the houses of Parliament, The Reichstag etc. Must consider and research how to create perspective drawings, I feel another visit to the library is in order to gen up on some technical information.

I’ll build a stairway to heaven…

20 01 2010

Stairways mean so much to me from ‘A matter of life and death’ by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger use a staircase that turns out to be an elevator that carries David Niven to heaven and acts as a place of limbo too where his fate for life or death is decided. Maslow eludes to it in his description of the hierarchy of needs which is often visualized as a pyramid.


16 12 2009

Salvador Dali took an interest in Tesseract’s especially with his Christ crucified on a cubist cross(Corpus Hypercubus)! Johann Otto von Spreckelsen’s Grande Arche is another form of Tesseract a cube inside another cube with the corners indicated by lines attached from outer to inner cube. The Grande Arche uses this concept but indicates to its concept rather than actually modelling it. It does however give you the strange feeling that it is in fact a gateway to another dimension!

Mondrian’s ‘Boogie woogie’

9 12 2009

Looked at some other grids today! One of Mondrian’s last painting’s was ‘Boogie woogie’ his interpretation of Broadway in New York, which is full of life. It  is a divergence from his studies in rendering painting, down to simplistic form and function, the representation of colour theory succinctly explained into a painted law.’Boogie woogie’ in comparison is chaotic it highlights the system of gridding that the American road systems are based on. This is all the proof and confirmation that I need in reaffirming my previous inclination that they’re all mad! If you look at the road systems of the US, it is all based on the principle of square grids, I’m sure that if you looked under a microscope of an American their blue blood would also be gridded too! Merely joking! Yeah right!

Le corbusier’s golden sections

2 12 2009

Had a look at the Architecture of  and his use of the golden section in continuation of other great artists, architects and the like before him.

His esprit project was the Ville Savoye in which he incorporated the principles he wished to lay down within architecture it was built in 1929 and was totally unique in its ideas and concepts. He incorporated 5 principles of architecture that he wised to champion, Free floor space, raising the structure up of the ground on reinforced concrete stilts called Pilotis, large unencumbered expanses of windows, free-standing walls also facilitated by the use of reinforced concrete again and having a roof garden thus enclosing and allowing the whole design to be on smaller footprint, allowing better views.

Golden Section

25 11 2009

Fibonacci sequence created some spiral layouts with grids intersecting the spiral to describe it so that you can see an underlying layout design. With the line indicated the idea works but without the line i.e. the idea tis to suggest it! The design breaks down and becomes to fragmented. The Golden section indicates look really interesting though!