College Projects Stop frame animations

25 06 2014

Large Portfolio

3 07 2010

After sweating tears of blood, here it is!

AKB Portfolio sml

Free Range profile

17 06 2010

Free Range profile page

Continuation of Done and dusted

24 03 2010

Started looking at aspects of colour theory. Had a meeting with Michael and Charlotte to decide what avenues we were going to pursue, we all agreed upon a course of action dividing the work up amongst us. Worked up a page sample for a mock catalogue profile. Decided on creating illustrations of various aspects of each course equipment used by that module. Came up with some good ideas.

Done and Dusted brief

17 03 2010

Received done and dusted brief today in tony absence, immediately spurred me into pursuing an alternative course looking at an obtuse, unusual and alternative interpretation of the obvious track. Want to keep pressing myself into avenues that will bring out an interesting interpretation, rather than the obvious. Quiet liked the professional aspect of a government special agent who is highly trained and is the ultimate warrior, intelligent, suave and debonair . The other members of my team were not in so I’ve had to come up with a themes and proposals myself (not a problem!).

Doting some i’s and crossing some t’s

17 02 2010

had a careful look at Microgrammer font and Eurostile which are essentially ┬áthe same Microgrammer however only comes in an all cap version so that’ll be no good, had a look at the system 3 palette too, to see what the available colours are in acrylics, which is probably what I’ll silk screen printing my sheets with! Was introduced to ‘The watchmen’ printed by DC and Titan books which gave me good reason to look at colour palettes, ‘The watchmen have such an unusual and diverse colour palette. I have noticed that Illustrator in at least the CS3 incarnation has colour theory applied in the ‘colour guide’ palette. I’ve chosen to use prominent colours that are indicative of each civilisation.

Type layout

10 02 2010

Inserted the text into the layouts experimented with the looks of justified, left ranging and centered weighted text. had to manually control some of run-arounds to achieve a desirable effect.