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25 06 2014

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3 07 2010

After sweating tears of blood, here it is!

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Advanced professional Practice Powerpoint Presentation

1 06 2010

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One Dot Zero brief solution

1 06 2010

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We decided to use various images to represent a brief solution for:-

D & AD; One Dot Zero Brief:
The City is constantly in transition and mutation, disappearing
behind changing environments and shifting identities. Create your
own ‘adventure in motion’ that explores this.

Creative Challenge:
Mankind’s fascination with city living continues at a startling pace, accelerating towards nations of supercities. From personal stories to community collectives, it’s time to investigate how cities are changing and in turn how we are changing our cities, our hopes and fears of urban dwelling both now and in the future.
We want you to explore the concept of ‘The Disappearing City’ via a progressive, multi-disciplinary, cross-media approach to storytelling, with a work of moving image at the heart of your final piece. Do not limit yourself to making a finished film if you don’t want to. onedotzero is about experimentation with moving image in any context, so as well as film and animation, experimental work in motion graphics, installations and even live action are relevant.
We are looking for work that can be extended into different mediums, please demonstrate this by extending your core piece into at least one other medium. Think broadly, it can be anything from online to print, from mobile to interactive, from public intervention to papercraft or gaming, and so on.

Evidential Documentation of Advanced professional practice

31 05 2010

­Tony Bloomfield

Evidential documentation of Advanced Professional Practice

1) It is clear from my experience that I have ample opportunity to hone and temper my skills into what I hope would be a valuable commodity that other people would want to employ or hire in the service of their requirements. The greatest tools that I have in my tool kit are my aptitude, my enthusiasm and my doggedness when it comes to completing tasks set before me. I feel that now that I am in my 40s I am in constant battle to prove that I am equal and able as any of my college peers who are half my age, this battle is not so much with myself or others but is really the perceptions or expectations of other people who have less expectations of someone of my age in comparison to my peers. This attitude is essentially flawed because someone of my age who hasn’t achieved well in business or achieved the goals that they themselves have set out to achieve are in a lot of instances beaten down by life’s trials and tribulations. This expectation/attitude is what I have to contend with in truth not just from other people but also from my self. I would like to think and I hope I’m being honest with myself that I am my own best critic. I do this through constant, questioning and challenging of perceptions of myself in comparison to peers of my age, with regard to my goals and abilities that I’m able to achieve.  In practical respects I have no inhibitions about abilities and take the attitude that as an individual we are endowed with a completely malleable quality that allows us to achieve what ever we wish to achieve. The only thing that I feel that stops us from achieving this potential is the desire to do this. I firmly believe that moving the mountain is achievable it is just the desire to do so that is required. Just a moments clarification is good to inject at this juncture, desire isn’t about; I would like to be a racing driver, but it is what ever it takes, what ever I have to do I will become a racing driver.

In a more physical sense I have been able to turn my hand to create many different things including at college an interesting real life movie describing what colonization is all about another animation answering the remit of ITV2 to produce an ITV2 insert to run between programs and adverts representing the image and character of ITV2 programming, this was a hand drawn animation of people running, dancing and practicing Parkour, backed on to a track by Gnarls Barkley’s, called Crazy. I also put together a professional practice animation representing my thoughts and processes in an animation to promote my abilities; this animation was essentially two scenes. The first scene was a coloured montage of various coloured film shapes in the form of a face morphing into gradually dissolving form. The second scene was of a mountain scene created from card and disassembled as a sequence and then mysteriously recreated with the backing track of Barloff’s Carmina Burina’s haunting music to add to the macabre and darker side! This was then eventually finished off with a philosophical statement hopefully conveying my attitudes: ‘Still water has no life! Be like flowing water! For it is full of life!’ this was an open reference to Bruce Lee’s love of using water as an analogy to the philosophy of life and progress etc. My first scene was backed and time synced with a Maori haka to imbue it with authority. I also have the ability to engineer and make useful innovative graphic design equipment, evidence of this was seen when I constructed a lightbox that was of a better construction than I could find commercially, in doing so I fulfilled three criteria at the same time:
a) Making a well constructed lightbox that was at least half the price of what was available commercially at the cheapest price. b) Making something that was far more practical; in the terms of incorporating a glass cover rather than a bendy and scratch able Perspex top. Comfortable to use due to flush fitting glass and rounded edges that were far more comfortable to lean on. c) Satisfaction in making a practical, simple, cheap and attractive piece of equipment.

2) 1) One of the advantages to being an older student is that there is, or may have been, the opportunity to develop the skills of communication over a longer period of time than my younger counterparts. It shouldn’t go without saying that having this age advantage automatically reflects in a more able and considered personality. But abilities, that would normally be expected from a character that has continued to grow and develop in this time is what you would expect. I have found that given a thorough understanding and ability in what you do gives your communication skills greater credence. Communicating, instructing, informing and deducing information accurately, requires ability in your subject. Effective communication also demands self-confidence and strength of character, which in my mind is an important element of truthfulness, this literally enables you to look those that you speak to in the eye, a good determinant of a capable communicator. These are skills that I have come to realise over time. I have been able to practice and hone these skills through my experience, which has eventually led me to the position of branch manager in print and design, before starting my degree in Graphic Design. Whilst being a branch manager I was fortunate to have a great many tasks that I was responsible for, amongst which was, meeting and assessing clients briefs. Working out a quotation based on all the manufacturing costs involved in producing, finishing and delivering the finished work required. Having been given the conformation to go ahead with the work to than design, proof read, then produce the required finished design once adequate approval had been obtained from client signing of the artwork, accepting artwork as final and correct. I created a practical and efficient working system of administration this was absolutely essential in the running and management of a small business, as well as the skill of being able to design quickly and efficiently. I have also been able to organise events, advertising campaigns and literature to promote the services of the company. Carrying out good maintenance and day-to-day upkeep of premises including organization, efficient arrangement of equipment and shop displays etc.

4) There is nothing worse than giving an expected delivery date of a job, for that then to have to be extended and delivered late. This practice will lose customers and confidence in you as a supplier of goods and services. It was, and still is in my remit to fulfil my obligations of hitting deadlines on time or ahead of time. Unfortunately this is a practice that I have learnt to forget having been in college for the last three years fortunately it is a practice that I am very much aware of and will instantly rectify once back in the cut and thrust of the business world. I have had much more experience of being a reliable and on time (in terms of deadlines) employer and employee than in my three years at college. 5) I have high levels of initiative; I’m 45 and coming to the end of a 3 BA degree course in graphic design. If I have an issue about any subject then I simply find out the required information that I need to carry out the task or learn the skills I need to carry out the task as an independent worker.

3) I am currently interested in setting up and developing my own business and currently in active negotiation to rent an existing business premises and equipment etc. Failing this I am also interested in getting involved in advertising from the point of view of being directly involved in the design, creation and use of psychological assessment. Targeting the audiences subliminal desires and interests. Ultimately in being able to how to appeal to them as a group.

4) Currently my experience in the print trade gives me all the background I need to relate to the industry that I’m interested in. The areas that I need to brush up on are the mindset practices that I need to fully engage with, these involve walking in the shoes of the independent businessman that I intend to be, after identifying the thoughts and attitudes that would be pertinent to this type of character, calculating, aspiring and persistent. I then need to fully engage in these attributes. I also need to identify, network and be in a position to be able to fully outline these qualities to other people in a comprehensible manner that is easily assimilated and memorable.

As an alternative approach which is aimed at becoming involved in moving image advertising I would need to increase my understanding of psychological understanding to fully be able to wield the subconscious wand of suggestion appealing to the submerged ego that make the advertising projects I get involved with more appealing and effective. I also need to carry out extensive practice and research into a thorough working knowledge of animation, moving image and web creation programs.

5) At the present I am ideally suited for my first position from college either straight into a design role using my experience within the design and print trade to stand me in good stead or to make inroads into becoming involved in advertising again using my wealth of experience to work in my favour. Ideally I will be able to reap the rewards of my negotiations with an old work acquaintance and capitalize on his plans to take a back seat role in his business plans to enable him to set up multiple businesses, this will enable me to take over or to act as partner to the print business he currently runs.

6) I am at present not considering formal full-time further education because as they say the clock is ticking on me at 45 I don’t have the luxury to chop and change plans, although having said that I would definitely be interested in playing a role in helping other people within a psychological environment, but this would be around the age of sixty-five. This is a provisional plan which I am perfectly happy to keep fluid and subject to my thinking and situation at the time. As I have outlined already I do still have skills and abilities that need to be worked on including developing a keen and competitive business acumen, other skills will be perhaps more personal in nature which would include empowerment exercises and self belief practices.

7) As a designer I feel that it would be beneficial that I take a step back from college orientated style projects which are by virtue of college work and a degree of latitude more personal journeys that can be embarked upon in themselves very self orientated projects. As a result college projects can be very self obsessed pursuits and don’t have the same cut and thrust of commercial entities. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to imbue a commercial enterprise with an element of your style and character but it is by no means a fully fledged flight of fancy that your able to pursue whilst given the freedom to explore your own themes and ideas at college.

Common sense direct marketing

24 09 2009

Been reading Common sense direct marketing by Drayton Bird, Kogan Page Publishers, Found some interesting detail.

1) Isolating someone as an individual with their own tastes etc

2) Building a continuing relationship

3) Testing your clients, measuring the levels of success.

17 09 2009

Look into setting up own business with governmental schemes