Over my 13 years or so in the print trade I have had the opportunity to hone and temper my skills into a valuable commodity that would be a valuable asset in the employ of any company or employer. The greatest tools that I have in my tool kit are my aptitude, my enthusiasm and my doggedness when it comes to completing tasks set before me. I have no inhibitions about abilities and take the attitude that as an individual we are endowed with a completely malleable quality that allows us to achieve what ever we wish to achieve. During my college experience I have been encouraged and have allowed myself to fully explore the boundaries within each design brief. My studies have led me to explore some of the psychological principles of suggestion. This has allowed me to consider my approach to graphic solutions with an informed intelligence, incorporating positive influence. This has given me a refreshing insight into the art of inducement and suggestion, which is so much an integral part of the coding that can be utilized to make innovative and successful advertising. This degree for me brings to fruition my working experience of 13 years in the print and reprographics trade.

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