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25 06 2014

Small Portfolio

9 09 2010

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Large Portfolio

3 07 2010

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17 06 2010

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Advanced professional Practice Powerpoint Presentation

1 06 2010

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One Dot Zero brief solution

1 06 2010

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We decided to use various images to represent a brief solution for:-

D & AD; One Dot Zero Brief:
The City is constantly in transition and mutation, disappearing
behind changing environments and shifting identities. Create your
own ‘adventure in motion’ that explores this.

Creative Challenge:
Mankind’s fascination with city living continues at a startling pace, accelerating towards nations of supercities. From personal stories to community collectives, it’s time to investigate how cities are changing and in turn how we are changing our cities, our hopes and fears of urban dwelling both now and in the future.
We want you to explore the concept of ‘The Disappearing City’ via a progressive, multi-disciplinary, cross-media approach to storytelling, with a work of moving image at the heart of your final piece. Do not limit yourself to making a finished film if you don’t want to. onedotzero is about experimentation with moving image in any context, so as well as film and animation, experimental work in motion graphics, installations and even live action are relevant.
We are looking for work that can be extended into different mediums, please demonstrate this by extending your core piece into at least one other medium. Think broadly, it can be anything from online to print, from mobile to interactive, from public intervention to papercraft or gaming, and so on.

GD3 Self initiated brief

1 06 2010


The way people see and interact with their environment is by set of learning frameworks that are acquired and learnt in the process of growing up. Over their lifetimes these frameworks are essential because they allow people to navigate their way through all off the social encounters and interactions that occur in their daily lives. If those attitudes/frameworks are flawed then so is their understanding of everything they see, how they interact with their environment and those around them is also almost certainly a flawed construct. To counter act this however is entirely dependent upon the amount of willingness and desire of the individual to participate. This participation is based entirely on the willingness to breakdown previous constructs that although maybe essentially flawed, have proved to be tools that allowed them to negotiate through life at least in a partially crippled manner. These illusions and constructs that people use are usually the only sets of rules that they know. It is therefore absolutely essential to provide new legs of support before you remove the former support. To become involved in a new way of thinking is due entirely to a willingness to be open to the information supplied. This desire and openness to be affected, can be effected, how?

General title of your project.

Is it impossible to imbue an audience with knowledge in a positive manner, getting them to act in a positive way to the new information you impart, having highlighted that their preconceptions and perceptions maybe wrong and wrongly constructed. The title: How is it possible to rebuild flawed perceptions and constructs that are used to negotiate life. Will serve well.

General objectives / Aim / Purpose:

The possibility of raising a question as to how to break down a construct? framework of reference? and remove the amount of suggestibility, impact ability that people can be prone to, is possibly one of the most important things that can be given as an answer in changing peoples attitudes. Is it possible to change other peoples frameworks in a positive manner, rather than challenge in a negative manner.

There are various tools, that are ways to breakdown insufficiently functioning systems and methods of living, Such as: To picture yourself in success! Allowing the image of the person to be rained on by pictures of themselves in various states of successful representations, for miles around, also including present and future tenses.

Empowering your audience to realise and then be able to dismantle their own self-limiting beliefs with a system that allows them to be able to achieve everything they want to be.


Disenfranchising confidence tricksters and political thinkers. In the first instance to be able to realise the tricks and means that they are made compliant and are able to manipulated to other peoples ends and desires including governments, organisations and people immediately around them. In an extreme example Shakespeare’s Iago who through jealousy is able to turn a successful and empowered man to murder his loved wife Desdemona. Do people want to take off their slippers and put on their shoes of involvement. For example is it enough to fulfil their lives with material possessions, to be told to buy the latest game with enhanced graphics, to buy the latest DVD with directors cut. Even to use neo scientific words, pseudo science to camouflage and mislead people to think they are buying something that has been advocated by the religion of science.

Theoretical / Conceptual framework

Present various optical illusions that present people with the premise that what they see isn’t necessarily what is! Tying these constructs in to operating solutions. The principle of social consistency begins to operate on people as individuals immediately from birth when they identify their selves by their mother and their selves as being a single entity. Through natural separation from this mother, they eventually realise and map their selves onto a larger scenario. This process and the extended processes that they go through to become individuals may involve flawed constructs. Some people may be willing to address and rectify this situation. I would like to address this situation with graphical representations that will be readily understood and immediately de-codified allowing the audience to associate, assimilate the messages and perhaps imparting some tools that will allow them to empower their own lives.


It is my intention to take the viewer, participator on a journey from challenging their perceptions to the way they understand and order the world to a point where they are led into a new and perhaps more coherent structure. Through various visual, auditory, olfactory senses, their perceptions will be challenged by these devices.  They will be led to the conclusion that maybe there perceptions, models of the world may also be flawed. It is then my intention to present some new ways of looking and understanding of the world around them, to successfully navigate through life’s obstacles.

Initially I will present a book, containing this proposal. The participant will need to deconstruct and then reconstruct this to make sense of the information contained. Eventually I will present other forms including Zoetropes, backward masked videos, visual tricks and misleading actions. Which will then lead to alternative methods and models of looking at things.

Indicative reading

2004. Eyes, lies and illusions. Hayward Gallery Publishing.

Barthes, R., 1993. Mythologies,. Vintage Publishers.

Cialdini, R., 1993. Influence Science and practice. 3rd  ed. Harper Collins Publishers

Evans, P., 1989. Motivation and Emotion., Routledge. London., The truth is free. CENTURY OF SELF(EPISODE 1-4). [Online] (Updated unknown) Available at: [Accessed 08 October 2009].

Gardner, H., 2006. Changing minds. Harvard Business School Publishing,

Gardner, H., 1993. Frames of mind. Basic Books a divisions of Harper Collins publishing.

Freud, S., 2009. A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis. General books LLC

Lucas, G. 2006. Guerrilla Advertising; unconventional brand communication. Laurence King Publishing.

Messaris, P., 1997. Visual Persuasion. Sage Publications, Inc.

Poynor, R. 1998. Design without boundaries, visual communication in transition. Booth-Clibborn Editions.

Robinson J.O., 1998. The psychology of visual illusion. Dover. Ontario.

Evidential Documentation of Advanced professional practice

31 05 2010

­Tony Bloomfield

Evidential documentation of Advanced Professional Practice

1) It is clear from my experience that I have ample opportunity to hone and temper my skills into what I hope would be a valuable commodity that other people would want to employ or hire in the service of their requirements. The greatest tools that I have in my tool kit are my aptitude, my enthusiasm and my doggedness when it comes to completing tasks set before me. I feel that now that I am in my 40s I am in constant battle to prove that I am equal and able as any of my college peers who are half my age, this battle is not so much with myself or others but is really the perceptions or expectations of other people who have less expectations of someone of my age in comparison to my peers. This attitude is essentially flawed because someone of my age who hasn’t achieved well in business or achieved the goals that they themselves have set out to achieve are in a lot of instances beaten down by life’s trials and tribulations. This expectation/attitude is what I have to contend with in truth not just from other people but also from my self. I would like to think and I hope I’m being honest with myself that I am my own best critic. I do this through constant, questioning and challenging of perceptions of myself in comparison to peers of my age, with regard to my goals and abilities that I’m able to achieve.  In practical respects I have no inhibitions about abilities and take the attitude that as an individual we are endowed with a completely malleable quality that allows us to achieve what ever we wish to achieve. The only thing that I feel that stops us from achieving this potential is the desire to do this. I firmly believe that moving the mountain is achievable it is just the desire to do so that is required. Just a moments clarification is good to inject at this juncture, desire isn’t about; I would like to be a racing driver, but it is what ever it takes, what ever I have to do I will become a racing driver.

In a more physical sense I have been able to turn my hand to create many different things including at college an interesting real life movie describing what colonization is all about another animation answering the remit of ITV2 to produce an ITV2 insert to run between programs and adverts representing the image and character of ITV2 programming, this was a hand drawn animation of people running, dancing and practicing Parkour, backed on to a track by Gnarls Barkley’s, called Crazy. I also put together a professional practice animation representing my thoughts and processes in an animation to promote my abilities; this animation was essentially two scenes. The first scene was a coloured montage of various coloured film shapes in the form of a face morphing into gradually dissolving form. The second scene was of a mountain scene created from card and disassembled as a sequence and then mysteriously recreated with the backing track of Barloff’s Carmina Burina’s haunting music to add to the macabre and darker side! This was then eventually finished off with a philosophical statement hopefully conveying my attitudes: ‘Still water has no life! Be like flowing water! For it is full of life!’ this was an open reference to Bruce Lee’s love of using water as an analogy to the philosophy of life and progress etc. My first scene was backed and time synced with a Maori haka to imbue it with authority. I also have the ability to engineer and make useful innovative graphic design equipment, evidence of this was seen when I constructed a lightbox that was of a better construction than I could find commercially, in doing so I fulfilled three criteria at the same time:
a) Making a well constructed lightbox that was at least half the price of what was available commercially at the cheapest price. b) Making something that was far more practical; in the terms of incorporating a glass cover rather than a bendy and scratch able Perspex top. Comfortable to use due to flush fitting glass and rounded edges that were far more comfortable to lean on. c) Satisfaction in making a practical, simple, cheap and attractive piece of equipment.

2) 1) One of the advantages to being an older student is that there is, or may have been, the opportunity to develop the skills of communication over a longer period of time than my younger counterparts. It shouldn’t go without saying that having this age advantage automatically reflects in a more able and considered personality. But abilities, that would normally be expected from a character that has continued to grow and develop in this time is what you would expect. I have found that given a thorough understanding and ability in what you do gives your communication skills greater credence. Communicating, instructing, informing and deducing information accurately, requires ability in your subject. Effective communication also demands self-confidence and strength of character, which in my mind is an important element of truthfulness, this literally enables you to look those that you speak to in the eye, a good determinant of a capable communicator. These are skills that I have come to realise over time. I have been able to practice and hone these skills through my experience, which has eventually led me to the position of branch manager in print and design, before starting my degree in Graphic Design. Whilst being a branch manager I was fortunate to have a great many tasks that I was responsible for, amongst which was, meeting and assessing clients briefs. Working out a quotation based on all the manufacturing costs involved in producing, finishing and delivering the finished work required. Having been given the conformation to go ahead with the work to than design, proof read, then produce the required finished design once adequate approval had been obtained from client signing of the artwork, accepting artwork as final and correct. I created a practical and efficient working system of administration this was absolutely essential in the running and management of a small business, as well as the skill of being able to design quickly and efficiently. I have also been able to organise events, advertising campaigns and literature to promote the services of the company. Carrying out good maintenance and day-to-day upkeep of premises including organization, efficient arrangement of equipment and shop displays etc.

4) There is nothing worse than giving an expected delivery date of a job, for that then to have to be extended and delivered late. This practice will lose customers and confidence in you as a supplier of goods and services. It was, and still is in my remit to fulfil my obligations of hitting deadlines on time or ahead of time. Unfortunately this is a practice that I have learnt to forget having been in college for the last three years fortunately it is a practice that I am very much aware of and will instantly rectify once back in the cut and thrust of the business world. I have had much more experience of being a reliable and on time (in terms of deadlines) employer and employee than in my three years at college. 5) I have high levels of initiative; I’m 45 and coming to the end of a 3 BA degree course in graphic design. If I have an issue about any subject then I simply find out the required information that I need to carry out the task or learn the skills I need to carry out the task as an independent worker.

3) I am currently interested in setting up and developing my own business and currently in active negotiation to rent an existing business premises and equipment etc. Failing this I am also interested in getting involved in advertising from the point of view of being directly involved in the design, creation and use of psychological assessment. Targeting the audiences subliminal desires and interests. Ultimately in being able to how to appeal to them as a group.

4) Currently my experience in the print trade gives me all the background I need to relate to the industry that I’m interested in. The areas that I need to brush up on are the mindset practices that I need to fully engage with, these involve walking in the shoes of the independent businessman that I intend to be, after identifying the thoughts and attitudes that would be pertinent to this type of character, calculating, aspiring and persistent. I then need to fully engage in these attributes. I also need to identify, network and be in a position to be able to fully outline these qualities to other people in a comprehensible manner that is easily assimilated and memorable.

As an alternative approach which is aimed at becoming involved in moving image advertising I would need to increase my understanding of psychological understanding to fully be able to wield the subconscious wand of suggestion appealing to the submerged ego that make the advertising projects I get involved with more appealing and effective. I also need to carry out extensive practice and research into a thorough working knowledge of animation, moving image and web creation programs.

5) At the present I am ideally suited for my first position from college either straight into a design role using my experience within the design and print trade to stand me in good stead or to make inroads into becoming involved in advertising again using my wealth of experience to work in my favour. Ideally I will be able to reap the rewards of my negotiations with an old work acquaintance and capitalize on his plans to take a back seat role in his business plans to enable him to set up multiple businesses, this will enable me to take over or to act as partner to the print business he currently runs.

6) I am at present not considering formal full-time further education because as they say the clock is ticking on me at 45 I don’t have the luxury to chop and change plans, although having said that I would definitely be interested in playing a role in helping other people within a psychological environment, but this would be around the age of sixty-five. This is a provisional plan which I am perfectly happy to keep fluid and subject to my thinking and situation at the time. As I have outlined already I do still have skills and abilities that need to be worked on including developing a keen and competitive business acumen, other skills will be perhaps more personal in nature which would include empowerment exercises and self belief practices.

7) As a designer I feel that it would be beneficial that I take a step back from college orientated style projects which are by virtue of college work and a degree of latitude more personal journeys that can be embarked upon in themselves very self orientated projects. As a result college projects can be very self obsessed pursuits and don’t have the same cut and thrust of commercial entities. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to imbue a commercial enterprise with an element of your style and character but it is by no means a fully fledged flight of fancy that your able to pursue whilst given the freedom to explore your own themes and ideas at college.

All’s well that end’s well!

14 05 2010

Well that’s it, totally dissatisfied with my achievements distinct lack of them! I’m not going to go into a hand wringing tirade against myself but I’m not happy nevertheless!

7 05 2010

Started work on my map!


30 04 2010

Revisited ink drawing! Spent way to long in outlining a group of students though in illustrator!

Continued silk printing

21 04 2010

Had to buy some more paper from Shepherd’s this monday, a quick in and out.

Transistorized students

16 04 2010

Decided to go back to a previous idea and explore that a little bit today, students with transistorized infills, took a couple of surruptious pictures of some of my collegues engaged in there work for me to generate a outlined version that would be filled with transistorized infill juxtaposed agaisnt a plain out line of monitor and chair etc. going to use ink with pen and bamboo brush to generate a hand crafted line as computer filtered line in illustrator looks just like that computerized.

Silk screen printing

14 04 2010

Started printing silk screen printing today, making up my colours using the print rooms CMYK acrylic inks as is usual they’re slightly different defining and duplicating colour is so difficult but used the CMYK colour profile as best as I could. Sue supplied me with some gold dust that just mixes with the Print medium looks so good. Managed to get some good colour matches with the CMYK with a little bit of help from thew print technician.

Where? What? Who? When? Why? and How?

9 04 2010

Had  a breakthrough idea maybe I can represent these roads etc by using a fractualized 3d representation mapping system, it certainly is an interesting concept. One of the major problems is deciding before hand i.e. planning the content of the system and maintaining an accurate and correct model of an exceptional personality type! What goes where? how much is that effected by this? what will that mean if I do that? which of course leaves when shall I do it!

Done and Dusted

7 04 2010

Experimented with colourizing some of the illustrations, fractulizing and offsetting the colour infill, also did some negative and curve inversions, manipulations. Michael has ignored what we agreed to do and has gone off and duplicated work already done, we was supposed to be working to a common goal and a single solution offering it up as our effort in the presentation. If he’d mentioned his ideas fine! Passive aggression! in the words of Alan Sugar: ‘Michael your fired!’.

2 04 2010

Going back to mapping systems as a final outcome for my representational system offering a solution to exceptional personality. The map will indicate the various aspects, theories, important people etc as roads avenues etc the map will be partially laid out i.e. partially folded where the peak of the fold is nearest to the eye the image will be foreshortened and the valley fold will be exaggerated and enlarged. The intention then is to have this in a display box.

26 03 2010

Looking at jungian personality types which can be broadly described as type A, b, and C etc seems to be a excellent site with an exhaustive amount written about these and various other theories. this is going to keep me busy for a while!

Continuation of Done and dusted

24 03 2010

Started looking at aspects of colour theory. Had a meeting with Michael and Charlotte to decide what avenues we were going to pursue, we all agreed upon a course of action dividing the work up amongst us. Worked up a page sample for a mock catalogue profile. Decided on creating illustrations of various aspects of each course equipment used by that module. Came up with some good ideas.

Which reality is real?

19 03 2010

I’m an old avid fan of the radio series The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy so when I came across this piece about the total perspective vortex by Christopher Putnam and it being about reality it was right up my street! Zaphod Beeblebox one of the main characters in the program and book etc came to himself in a dream and told himself he had to go and see a man called Zarniwoop who would tell him something to his disadvantage, anyway this total perspective vortex extrapolates the whole universe from say a small piece of fairy cake and tells you where you are in relation to the universe, an invisible spot on an invisible spot infinitely small! It is of course intended as reality check and a completely heinous form of torture. Well the article deals with this and says that in reality we do have an exaggerated opinion of ourselves, which is a sign of healthy personality, ironically a dysfunctional personality actually have an amazingly accurate picture of themselves unlike the so-called healthy!

Done and Dusted brief

17 03 2010

Received done and dusted brief today in tony absence, immediately spurred me into pursuing an alternative course looking at an obtuse, unusual and alternative interpretation of the obvious track. Want to keep pressing myself into avenues that will bring out an interesting interpretation, rather than the obvious. Quiet liked the professional aspect of a government special agent who is highly trained and is the ultimate warrior, intelligent, suave and debonair . The other members of my team were not in so I’ve had to come up with a themes and proposals myself (not a problem!).

Buddhism’s Mandala’s

12 03 2010

Wanted to move on from Aesop’s fables or instructions for living well, have always considered Buddhism and some of the precepts to have moved in respects of Aesops time from the feet chakra to the chakra that resides higher up in a more enlightend time of today! Who am I kidding! The Buddhist Mandala’s are interesting though it is a spiritual activity that recreates the spiritual realm in a spiritual way, perhaps more eloquently described as being mindful in everything you do, to elaborate when your cleaning a  toilet, clean it like it’s the your best project do it with attention to detail and be thorough! I think this is a good philosophy, for me at least! Reminds me of the contridictory philosophies that are often used in this type of system. For example:

Be certain of everything whilst being certain of nothing!

Nurture versus nature

5 03 2010

Considered making individual resistors, transistors and capacitors in a art installation made at a scale of about 400% or 1:4 ratio to normal size. In considering to create a positive example of exceptional personality it would in the normal sense have to be juxtaposed against an unhealthy personality. However the problem using the circuit board as a metaphor for personality is that it offers up the issue nature versus nurture if a circuit board is essentially flawed it will never work, because it cannot function correctly. This then condemns us to a fate that we have no power over. It is a consideration!

In Aesop’s times as a greek slave who eventually gained his freedom he writes with a wisdom that also reflects the times the inability to be in many respects master of one own’s destiny indeed it seems it was a time when your very life and existence was at the behest of other people. It is probably true to say that it was important to know ones place!

Visit 4D Model shop on Leahman Street, Off of Aldgate East station.

What is an exceptional person

26 02 2010

To create a mapping system I considered the use of circuit boards and diagrams to map onto them an example of Abraham Maslow’s ‘Self-actualized people’ or what was the subject of the various Timberlawn investigations into exceptionally psychological healthy and well adapted people. Look into Eriksonian Psychology for exceptional traits etc. Big Dave directed me to look at Christo’s art installations, The Reichstag(German Houses of Parliament). Interesting!

Cottage industry

19 02 2010

Crafting industries tend to include impurities into the final products this offers a purifying process to the whole system by virtue of the micro flora and fauna of these systems. Is it possible to stop the influx of people to city removing them from a self-sufficient cottage based system. Expansion of villages allowed specialization to occur i.e. craftsman to specialize in niche skills. Knowledge is a mapping system. Have a look at Joseph Kosuth again and his chair. Ordered Public information films during World War 2 from Library.

Doting some i’s and crossing some t’s

17 02 2010

had a careful look at Microgrammer font and Eurostile which are essentially  the same Microgrammer however only comes in an all cap version so that’ll be no good, had a look at the system 3 palette too, to see what the available colours are in acrylics, which is probably what I’ll silk screen printing my sheets with! Was introduced to ‘The watchmen’ printed by DC and Titan books which gave me good reason to look at colour palettes, ‘The watchmen have such an unusual and diverse colour palette. I have noticed that Illustrator in at least the CS3 incarnation has colour theory applied in the ‘colour guide’ palette. I’ve chosen to use prominent colours that are indicative of each civilisation.

Classical Architecture

12 02 2010

Doric, Ionic and Corinthian architecture, and greek philosophy regarding the order of society, education etc. Considering a standing exhibition that what’s on all the senses and in so doing challenging them too!

Type layout

10 02 2010

Inserted the text into the layouts experimented with the looks of justified, left ranging and centered weighted text. had to manually control some of run-arounds to achieve a desirable effect.


5 02 2010

Used the the National center for performing arts Beijing, China.

to affirm my work with dodecahedron’s this week just getting involved with internal angle overlapping shapes that is sublimation for the soul.


3 02 2010

It’s all well and good creating staircases or anything for that matter based on other things as frames of reference but why do keep trying to design out of fresh air, there is an expression it states that nature abhors a vacuum! So why do I keep trying to do it, beating myself up all the time? The Greeks believed that the intelligence of a man was defined by his, one, to take it up the arse and two to be able to recite information and learn by rote!

My staircase illustrations came out very well and will serve my purposes well as an outline for my text performing as a physical restraint against which the text will flow and then be displayed on the reverse of the paper as images.

Reframing and Abstract Illusionism

29 01 2010

Found some stuff on George Green on abstract illusionism looks interesting I’ll have to read up on this later! I remember my uncle conveying to me the story of the Mobiüs strip and the impossible inside outedness of the construct. I think he may have related the story from the book rather than the film as the details were slightly different to the content of the film.

Background images

27 01 2010

I experimented today with inserting a watermarked style background on to my final sheets. I used seats of power i.e. the houses of Parliament, The Reichstag etc. Must consider and research how to create perspective drawings, I feel another visit to the library is in order to gen up on some technical information.

Illusions and Psychedelia

22 01 2010

Look up some more stuff on Ann Veronica Janssens, her exhibitions etc Gallerie Micheline Szwajcer in Poland. Bridget Riley’s work earlier than Janssens her precursor looks very much of her time of the time of 2 tone Ska music but interms of visual illusions she too liked to experiment to challange perception also of psychedelia.

I’ll build a stairway to heaven…

20 01 2010

Stairways mean so much to me from ‘A matter of life and death’ by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger use a staircase that turns out to be an elevator that carries David Niven to heaven and acts as a place of limbo too where his fate for life or death is decided. Maslow eludes to it in his description of the hierarchy of needs which is often visualized as a pyramid.

Five or six W’s

18 12 2009

What? Where? When? Who and Why?

and  a side order of How?

What makes sense to us: western church of England average Joe isn’t going to make sense to your average African nomadic plainsman. But gaining accurate information, the 5 W’s is standard police practice.


16 12 2009

Salvador Dali took an interest in Tesseract’s especially with his Christ crucified on a cubist cross(Corpus Hypercubus)! Johann Otto von Spreckelsen’s Grande Arche is another form of Tesseract a cube inside another cube with the corners indicated by lines attached from outer to inner cube. The Grande Arche uses this concept but indicates to its concept rather than actually modelling it. It does however give you the strange feeling that it is in fact a gateway to another dimension!

Intellectual Supermen

11 12 2009

Zarathustra was one of the classical intellectual supermen unfortunately adopted by the Nazi party as the emblem of the perfect Aryan race, incidently the Aryans were migrants from Northern India, the Swastika is a Hindu peace symbol admitedly reversed and Neitzche’s Zarathustra wasn’t  a tyrannical idiot. Respect for given Germany back her pride but disrespect for finding a solution that was at the expense of other religions and races. No Mr Hitler! Check out The legend of Don Juan another classical interlectual superman.

Mondrian’s ‘Boogie woogie’

9 12 2009

Looked at some other grids today! One of Mondrian’s last painting’s was ‘Boogie woogie’ his interpretation of Broadway in New York, which is full of life. It  is a divergence from his studies in rendering painting, down to simplistic form and function, the representation of colour theory succinctly explained into a painted law.’Boogie woogie’ in comparison is chaotic it highlights the system of gridding that the American road systems are based on. This is all the proof and confirmation that I need in reaffirming my previous inclination that they’re all mad! If you look at the road systems of the US, it is all based on the principle of square grids, I’m sure that if you looked under a microscope of an American their blue blood would also be gridded too! Merely joking! Yeah right!


4 12 2009

Our perceptions are based on how we project ourselves on to the projected map of the world , how accurate these maps are determines essentially ho win touch with reality we are! Buzanic mind maps are extremely good  for linking the nature of information as it allows us to multi select many connections depending on their relationships with one another.

Le corbusier’s golden sections

2 12 2009

Had a look at the Architecture of  and his use of the golden section in continuation of other great artists, architects and the like before him.

His esprit project was the Ville Savoye in which he incorporated the principles he wished to lay down within architecture it was built in 1929 and was totally unique in its ideas and concepts. He incorporated 5 principles of architecture that he wised to champion, Free floor space, raising the structure up of the ground on reinforced concrete stilts called Pilotis, large unencumbered expanses of windows, free-standing walls also facilitated by the use of reinforced concrete again and having a roof garden thus enclosing and allowing the whole design to be on smaller footprint, allowing better views.

Magical numbers

27 11 2009

Alongside Fibonacci sequences there are so many other beautiful patterns (number sequences) in nature and the environment. Diminishing sequences are maybe the formulas used in Hiroshige’s ‘The Wave”

Golden Section

25 11 2009

Fibonacci sequence created some spiral layouts with grids intersecting the spiral to describe it so that you can see an underlying layout design. With the line indicated the idea works but without the line i.e. the idea tis to suggest it! The design breaks down and becomes to fragmented. The Golden section indicates look really interesting though!

Optical Illusions

20 11 2009

Check out some optical illusions for additional material towards research and final solution.

Experimentations with Fibonacci

18 11 2009

Started messing around with natural sections.

Technical Drawings

13 11 2009

Whilst playing with my patterns of repeating waves this idea naturally flowed into constructing with accuracy and exacting measurements geometric forms this would be relatively easy to draw out the trick is creating perspective in such drawings. I’ll have to get some books out from the library on drawing perspective.  Wasn’t able to find technical drawing subjects covering perspective and 3d models as such but found some other interesting drawing principles too!

Folding packages

11 11 2009

Considered folding packages to enclose final solution of book containing the information, found some intersting folding packages butter  etc enclosures, can’t help thinking it is superflous to my requirements, but when has that ever stopped me!

Waves and repeating patterns

6 11 2009

Created some experimental wave forms today, has made me think of Josef Muller Brockman, after i’ve played and created some forms, his posters that I have seen are the forms that I have forgotten yet have plowed them up from my subconcious!


4 11 2009

Had  a visit over the library to look at some books on gridding systems. Was impressed with Lucienne Roberts and Julie Thrift design in ‘The design and the grid’ by Rotovision which considers the positioning of grids with a cube in mind. From this I started to mess around with right angle bisections for the basis for my grid.

Richard Bandler on Milton Erickson

30 10 2009

Read some more of frogs into princes by Richard Bandler “They are operating out of their own internal world and trying to find out what matches”

Falkners, now Shepherds!

28 10 2009

Spent a good amount of time browsing the various paper collections in Shepherds Paper shop with the main emphasis on antiquated papers to represent the various ages or civilisations of antiquity.

23 10 2009

Took a look at hidden japanese art and looked at some of Corbusier the Architects buildings, revealing  and interesting.

Fragmentation Grenade

21 10 2009

Came up with the idea of using granade to really mix things up, that’s to say exploding the concept of books to present my proposal for GD3. Decided on Eurostile font as it’s so uniform regular and normal that it JUST SIMPLY HAS TO BE CRZAY!



Zoetropic Planatarium

16 10 2009

Anne Veronica Jenssens conceptual artist takes various physical constructs to challange our preconceptions of what something is! Consider the use of creating a Zoetrope arranged like a planatarium.

Pop Life in a modern world Exhibition

14 10 2009

Visited Tate Modern for the exhibition wish they’d allow people to take pictures it’s about the commercialisation ‘buy my products’

Experimental packaging

7 10 2009

Looked into experimental packaging, conceptual books content on book holder etc

Reframe away!

25 09 2009

Reframing example systems to reorder and understand how the universe works, think of interesting examples of how to break reality and examples of how people like  De Chirico represent the subconcious thoughts and how Anton Breton thinks we can gain access to this subconcious.

Common sense direct marketing

24 09 2009

Been reading Common sense direct marketing by Drayton Bird, Kogan Page Publishers, Found some interesting detail.

1) Isolating someone as an individual with their own tastes etc

2) Building a continuing relationship

3) Testing your clients, measuring the levels of success.


23 09 2009

Considered various grids and layouts using overlays of grids to create a secondary grid. Check out some of the Bauhaus work!

18 09 2009

Have a look at Tony Kushner’s The design of dissent and other dissenting artists/designers

Looked at Robin Rhodes and the situationists everything we do conforms to rules.

Jenny Holzer

17 09 2009

Look into setting up own business with governmental schemes